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For Participants

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For Instructors

AskMyClass is an audience response system that allows the posing of structured open questions. Sign up for an account (Currently restricted to University of Dundee or by invitation. Please email askmyclass@dundee.ac.uk for an invitation).
Step 1
Create some content/questions. Choose between closed multiple choice/multiple response or open image based questions. This content can be
Step 2
Create a session. You can add content from any of your content banks and from those shared with you or public
Step 3
Share the link or code with your session participants
Step 4
Run the session and AskYourClass
Full instructions are found in the documentation.

Why AskMyClass?

I wrote and am developing AskMyClass to let me teach how I want to teach. It promotes discussion, andlets me assess understanding in seconds across a class of hundreds. It is a truly transformative tool that seamlessly blends into a lecture or workshop.
AskMyClass asks open questions
You do not need to think up wrong answers. Instead participants have to generate their answers themselves. Whether it be deciding where to place a point, or draw a line, or even how many responses to give. The participants will tell you if they understand through the answers they generate.
AskMyClass gives you real time control
The instructor decides what the students see, when. Do you want the students to discuss and repeat a question without seeing the 'correct answer'? No problem! Sure they have got it so you want to skip some material? No problem. AskMyClass gives the instructor control where they need it.
AskMyClass is portable
AskMyClass is web based so is accessible from any modern device, any OS as long as it supports a modern web browser and Javascript and has an internet connection. It works in the lecture theatre and online.
AskMyClass matches teaching to the real world
The real world is not a multiple choice quiz. AskMyClass allows questions to be posed as one would in a small group. It brings that tutorial feel to a large class.
AskMyClass promotes student engagement and learning
Learning is never passive. In responding to questions, students have to work with the material they have to generate a response. And that response can be as simple or as complex as the question designer wishes.
AskMyClass allows students to get it wrong without embarrassment
Participants are often unwilling to answer questions in class, and a correct answer from one student tells little about the rest of the class. AskMyClass allows students to respond anonymously with no fear of being singled out or shamed for being wrong, and enables all students who wish to answer.